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Working Papers

15. Algorithm Design: A Fairness-Accuracy Frontier (with Jay Lu, Xiaosheng Mu, and Kyohei Okumura), extended abstract at EC'22, latest draft: May, 2024 [+pdf] [+slides]

revision invited at Journal of Political Economy

14. Testing the Fairness-Accuracy Improvability of Algorithms (with Eric Auerbach, Kyohei Okumura, and Max Tabord-Meehan), latest draft: July, 2024 [+pdf]

13. The Value of Context: Human versus Black Box Evaluators (with Andrei Iakovlev), latest draft: June, 2024 [+pdf]

12. The Transfer Performance of Economic Models (with Isaiah Andrews, Drew Fudenberg, Lihua Lei, and Chaofeng Wu), latest draft: November, 2023 [+pdf] [+talk]

11. Games of Incomplete Information Played by Statisticians, latest draft: June, 2021 [+pdf]


10. How Flexible is that Functional Form? Quantifying the Restrictiveness of Theories (with Drew Fudenberg and Wayne Gao), 2024, accepted at Review of Economics and Statistics [+pdf] [+slides]

"Exemplary AI and Computation Track Paper" at EC'21

9. Algorithmic Fairness and Social Welfare (with Jay Lu), AEA Papers & Proceedings, Vol. 114, Pages 628-32, 2024 [+pdf]

8. Data and Incentives, Theoretical Economics, Vol. 19 (1), Pages 407-448, January 2024 (with Erik Madsen), extended abstract at EC'20 [+pdf] [+slides] [+talk]

7. Measuring the Completeness of Economic Models, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 130 (4), Pages 956-990, April 2022 (with Drew Fudenberg, Jon Kleinberg and Sendhil Mullainathan), extended abstract at EC'17 [+pdf]

6. Dynamically Aggregating Diverse Information, Econometrica, Vol. 90 (1), Pages 47-80, January 2022 (with Xiaosheng Mu and Vasilis Syrgkanis), extended abstract at EC'21 [+pdf] [+online appendix] [+slides] [+talk]

5. Machine Learning for Evaluating and Improving Theories, SIGEcom Exchanges, Vol. 18 (1), Pages 4-11, December 2020 (with Drew Fudenberg) [+pdf]

4. Complementary Information and Learning Traps, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 135 (1), Pages 389-448, February 2020 (with Xiaosheng Mu), extended abstract at EC'18 [+pdf] [+online appendix] [+slides] [+talk]

3. Predicting and Understanding Initial Play, American Economic Review, Vol. 109 (12), Pages 4112-4141, December 2019  (with Drew Fudenberg) [+pdf] [+slides] [+talk]

"Highlights Beyond EC" at EC'19

2. Inference of Preference Heterogeneity from Choice Data, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 179, Pages 275-311, January 2019 [+pdf]

1. Optimal and Myopic Information Acquisition, Proceedings of the 2018 ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, 2018 (with Xiaosheng Mu and Vasilis Syrgkanis) [+pdf] [+slides] [+talk]

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