Annie Liang

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. (I am on leave at Harvard for Fall, 2020.)

My research is in economic theory (in particular, learning and information), and the application of machine learning methods for model building and evaluation.

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The Ronald O. Perelman Center (Office 501)

133 South 36th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104



1. Complementary Information and Learning Traps, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 135 (1), Pages 389-448, February 2020 (with Xiaosheng Mu), presented at EC'18

[slides for a 1 hr talk, 04/2020]

2. Predicting and Understanding Initial Play, American Economic Review, Vol. 109 (12), Pages 4112-4141, December 2019 (with Drew Fudenberg), presented at EC'19 (invited plenary session)

[slides for a 30 min talk, 01/2020]

3. Inference of Preference Heterogeneity from Choice Data, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 179, Pages 275-311, January 2019 [code for paper]

Invited Surveys

4. Machine Learning for Evaluating and Improving Theories, SIGEcom Exchanges, Vol. 18 (1), Pages 4-11, 2020 (joint with Drew Fudenberg)

Working Papers

5. Dynamically Aggregating Diverse Information, with Xiaosheng Mu and Vasilis Syrgkanis (latest draft: April, 2020), Revise & Resubmit at Econometrica

[slides for a 45min talk, 08/2020]

7. Data and Incentives, joint with Erik Madsen (latest draft: December, 2020), presented at EC'20

8. Measuring the Completeness of Theories, joint with Drew Fudenberg, Jon Kleinberg and Sendhil Mullainathan (latest draft: June, 2020), presented at EC'17

10. Optimal and Myopic Information Acquisitionjoint with Xiaosheng Mu and Vasilis Syrgkanis (latest draft: April, 2019), presented at EC'18